Splitting set

  • Splitting sets can be ordered with side tools for radius, chamfer or stabilizers for straight cuts.
  • Combine splitting blade Galax TRZ with side tools and dividing cutter in Hardyx to get a high-performance cutting unit suitable for demanding applications.

Dividing cutter

  • Dividing cutter for top spindle, used in combination with splitting set.
  • Available with radius or chamfer.
  • Choose Hardyx and Solid hydro for shorter set up, high precision and long running time.

Splitting blade Galax TRZ

  • High performance splitting blade for planers.
  • Innovative design and technical characteristics enables extreme running time and a cut surface comparable to planed surface.
  • The Galax TRZ is also outstanding at very high feeding speeds.
  • Suitable for both vertical and horizontal splits.