Micor Tooling launch the worlds greenest bandsaw blade for the saw milling industry. “Sustainability is of outmost importance for us and with the development of Langshyttan GreenCut we will contribute to significant reduced CO2 emission and become first in the world to offer a greener alternative”, says Marcus Wärring, CEO Micor Tooling.

Micor Tooling launch the worlds greenest bandsaw blade for industrial use – Langshyttan GreenCut. During the last years Micor Tooling have worked actively to decrease the environmental impact from our own production through energy efficient investment and conversion to only renewable energy.

At the same time Micor Tooling continuously work together with our suppliers to find and develop more sustainable raw materials. Micor Tooling has a long-standing cooperation with voestalpine Precision Strip GmbH and in conjunction with the launch of Uddeholm strip with heavily reduced CO2-footprint Micor Tooling is now one of the first in the world to offer a greener alternative.

Marcus Wärring, CEO Micor Tooling, comments:” Sustainability is of outmost importance to us, and we are very proud to launch a product with significant reduced impact on the environment but with the same high performance as our standard products.”

Fredrik Berggren, Head of business Development Micor Tooling, adds: “This launch is a very exciting step for us. Daily we produce tools that helps the end user to optimize their production. Wood is a renewable material and that we now can deliver tools with reduced CO2 footprint is a natural step for the leading manufacturer of cutting tools in Northern Europe.”

The new band material from voestalpine Precision Strip GmbH together with Micor Toolings production, which only uses renewable energy, creates the opportunity to launch a bandsaw blade with heavily reduced environmental footprint.

Facts about Langshyttan GreenCut:

  • -65% reduced CO2 emission compared to Langshyttan standard band and up to -76% compared to a standard bandsaw blade produced with European energy mix*.
  • Langshyttans full product portfolio will eventually be offered as Langshyttan GreenCut.
  • Langshyttan GreenCut has the same market leading performance as Langshyttans standard bands.
  • All Langshyttan GreenCut bands are produced in Dalarna, Sweden.

About Langshyttan

Langshyttan band saw blades have been synonymous with top Swedish quality for more than 50 years and are recognised worldwide as a professional choice, with outstanding products and service. Over the years, Langshyttan has constantly developed its product range and today manufactures a wide variety of band saw blades for all different kind of needs to the highest quality. For the given location and area of expertise, Langshyttan drives band saw blade innovation for the most challenging cutting conditions.

*  Calculation is based on a swaged standard band saw blade and ”cradle to gate” part of the products life cycle.


For more information please contact:

Marcus Wärring, CEO Micor Tooling

CEO Micor Tooling

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Fredrik Berggren, Head of bus. Development

Head of Business Development Micor Tooling

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