Formex 3000+S

  • With in-house developed variant of hollow grinding (EAXH) with minimal chipping of the edges when cutting coated or laminated board.

Formex 3000

  • Small pitch panel sizing blades for horisontal or vertical saws.
  • Delivered as standard with a new kind of hardmetal tips, with high degree of wear resistance for high cut qua-lity and extended running time betwee resharpening, also when cutting harder board like HDF.

Scoring sawblade

For scoring with feed.

  • Panel sizing saws with scoring unit and pressure beam.
Workpiece material:
  • Chipboard and fibre materials paper and plastic coated, veneered, laminated veneer
  • lumber (e.g. plywood, multiplex plywood).
Technical information:
  • Scoring depth 1.50 – 2.00 mm. For universal use in any surface coating. The suitable scoring circular sawblade must be selected depending on the cutting width of the main saw.

Hogger blades

  • Spare circular sawblade for segment hoggers

Split Scoring blades

(For edgebandings machine)

  • Application: Scoring saw blade for scoring groove on coated wood based material. For finish cut on bottom of board.
  • Machine: For double end tenoner machines with scoring spindle, edge banding machines, etc.