MICOR- Circular Saw Blades

The MICOR circular saw blades has been around since the mid-50’s and was one of the pioneers in the industry and in developing the technology to furnish saw blades with hard metal inserts. Today, MICOR manufactures saw blades for industrial use, where high demands are placed on precision, performance, and endurance. The MICOR saw blades are commonly encountered and supplied to different industries, such as: Wood, Metal, Plastic and Food processing industries. Given the high-quality acknowledgement around the world, more than 50% of the sales are exported. The circular saw blades are manufactured in the south of Sweden.

LANGSHYTTAN- Band Saw Blades

The Langshyttan band saw blades has been synonymous with high Swedish quality for more than 50 years and is recognised worldwide as a professional partner with outstanding products and service. Over the years, Langshyttan has constantly developed its product offer and today it manufactures different band saw blades and offers the associated grinding service in several countries around the world. Being closely associated with Swedish steel manufacturers, who are famous worldwide for its quality, Langshyttan has established itself as a leading brand in the market. For you as a customer to be sure that you receive the highest quality on the market, our band saw blades are marked with our brand Langshyttan. The band saw blades are made in the deep forests of Sweden.

BBM- Planing Tools

The BBM opened its doors in 1987 after recognising a large demand for short delivery times and high-quality products, from the market. BBM is one of the very few players in that market that still exist today and is considered to manufacture very high-quality product that are sold around the world. What makes the BBM products so admired, is the constant commitment to offer premium products that gives longer running times and swift deliveries. Today, the portfolio consists of a wide range of products for planing mills and its operations, incl.; dimensioning, tongue, groove and panels, planing, splitting, planer knives and much more. The Swedish craftsmanship has proven a great success over the years, as quality assurance is in the DNA, and this is synonymous to the BBM brand.